Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vinegar ~ It's Not Just For Cooking

Vinegar has many uses.  Some may surprise you.  Some may bring back memories of your Mother or Grandmother.  Some may become a way of life for you.  I love these simple solutions to everyday problems!

Ten Uses For Vinegar You May Not Know:

1.  Paint brush softener - A vinegar and water mixture will revive stiff   paint brushes.  After soaking, wash in a heavy detergent to clean.

2.  Get the stink off your hands - Rid your hands of onion or fishy smells by rinsing with vinegar.  Easy peasy!

3. Tea kettle cleaner - Get lime deposits out of your tea kettles with equal parts of vinegar and water. Bring to a boil and let is stand overnight.

4.  Poached egg container -  Keep that poached egg together by adding one teaspoon vinegar to the water.  (I need this one!)

5.  Hair Rinse -  Use a mix of two cups water and one cup vinegar and rinse hair after shampooing.  Rinse again with clear water.

6.  Decal remover - Loosen decals with a heavy dose of vinegar and they will peel right off.  (Sorry, this won't work on tattoos - giggle)

7.  Pain reliever -  Use hot vinegar compresses on strain or sprain when ice isn't doing the job.

8.  Iron cleaner -  Remove mineral deposits in your iron with a solution of one part white vinegar to one part water.  Fill steam iron and let it steam until dry.  Rinse out with plain water, refill and shake water out through the steam holes.

9.  Crease setter - Before ironing in creases, apply solution of one part vinegar to one part water to the crease area.  Be sure to test small area of your fabric first.

10. Rust remover - Place rusty bolt in small container of vinegar and let soak for several days or until rust begins to dissolve.

There you have it...ten useful uses for using vinegar!  What are some ways that you use vinegar in your household?

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  1. I add apple cider vinegar to my dogs' food. It aids their digestion, helps their immune system, improves resistance to disease, is beneficial for hip dysplasia, arthritis and heart problems. I add a Tablespoon in their dinners, but I think the "standard" measurement is one teaspoon of vinegar twice a day. When that amount is added to their food or water, it is usually sufficient for a 50-pound dog.

  2. Pandy - Wow! Did I know that? I should try it, but do you mix it with anything? I think Moses' super finicky nose might reject it due to the smell! I need to sneak it past his nose! LOL! Great suggestion!
    Huge green hugs,

  3. it can also be used as a weed killer!! the good with it, is that it does not poison the garden for weed control there

    1. Hey, Kevin - Thanks for this one! I have some stubborn weeds out front that need a dose of vinegar! I'm going to try this tomorrow! Thanks for visiting my new blog! I hope you'll follow it and add your tips anytime!
      Huge green hugs,

  4. Thanks for sharing those great tips! I put vinegar on weeds along my sidewalk and it killed them overnight.


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