Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Worms ~ Wiggly Composting Machines

Worms!  Eeewww, you say.  Me, too!  Worms are why I could never be a fisherperson.  My boys had to learn to bait their own hooks.  I didn't want to touch the wiggly little critters.  But, who knew worms would turn up (pun intended) in gardener's compost piles? 

Turns out we all know worms are good for our gardens, but did we ever dream we'd have our own little worm farm?  Not those kind they sell in plastic see-through boxes kind of worm farm.  I mean real worm farms.  The feed and nurture the little squirmers worm farm.

Heads will turn, the conversations will stop and all attention will be on you once you announce you have worms!  But wait...this is a good thing.  While everyone is listening you can educate them on the fine art of composting with worms.

You only need four things to start your worm farm:
  • a bin
  • biodegradable bedding
  • food waste
  • and worms!

You can find any number of sites online to help you build a wood bin for your composting.  It should be not too big, have good drainage, stay clean, and more. 

Run some newspapers put through your shredder for the bedding, or hand shred some.  Other good bedding includes peat moss, leaves, shredded cardboard. 

Now for the worms.  Not just any garden variety (chuckle) will do here.  You need red worms...there are several varieties.  These are the best food scrap chompers and they make little worms quickly in captivity.  You need about 2 pounds of worms per pound of food waste generated daily by your household...or classroom - or wherever you will be composting.  Here's the fun part - are you ready?  You can buy worms by the pound - 1000 little wigglers to the pound.  Eek!  What if they get loose in the car on the way home from the (Squiggly Wiggly) worm store!

 Last thing you need is food scraps to feed the masses.  Egg shells, plate scraps, spoiled food (good news in my kitchen!), peelings & other vegetable waste.  Never use cat litter, dog feces, rubber bands, bottle caps, glass and other non-biodegradable items & steer clear of  meat and bones, as they just may attract critters that you don't want in your garden, like the neighbor's dog.  (Why would anyone with common sense even need to be reminded of this?)

There you have it ~ your next party topic!  Stun the crowd with your knowledge.  Bring some wigglers for show and tell.  Maybe even give some as gifts to show you care!  (It's a gift that keeps on giving ~ how cool is that!)

Okay...leave me comments and tell me what you think!  How successful would you be at vermicomposting, all you soon-to-be vermi-culturistas!

Huge Green Hugs,

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