Saturday, May 5, 2012

Five Tips For Allergy Sufferers

Some of us are allergic to everything!  Take me for example.  I am allergic to Arizona - everything that grows here makes me teary eyed, sneezy or itchy.  Sniff...sniff...aaachoo!

I found some suggestions that will help:

     1.  Keep a tube of cortisone closeby if you are prone to skin allergies.  It will stop the itching and make you feel better quickly.

     2.  Replace pillows and matteresses every three to five years.   Dust, dust mites and skin flakes love to take up residence here! 

     3.  Buy a vacuum with a HEPA filter to reduce allergens in your home.   'Nuff said.

     4.  Replace carpet with tile or wood flooring and clean regularly.  Carpets harbor     dust, dust mites, and dirt.  And, if you have pets who track in the outdoors, it seems the carpet never stays clean!

     5.  Move to Portland, Oregan, San Diego, California or Seattle, Washington.  The Asthna and Allergy Foundation of America says these are the top three cities to live in.  Guess this one isn't so easy peasy, but it does deserve a teensy bit of consideration.

What helps your allergies?

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Huge Green Hugs,


  1. Okay, too funny!!! Thanks for the tips. I live in Texas and I am so suffering right now!! I do want to get a HEPA air filter though.

    Have a great Saturday

  2. Kim - I have a HEPA filter on my vacuum and can only hope it is doing what it is meant to do! Today is an allergy day - coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose...and I've only been up for an hour! Eegads!
    Huge green hugs,


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