Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If You're Green and You Know It, Clap Your Hands...

Are you a "Greenie?"  There was a time when this had a negative connotation in my simple little mind.  I pictured people in Birkenstock sandals, with long straggly hair, wearing shorts and pith helmets.  Could I have been wrong?

Aren't we all trying to be a little green in our day-to-day lives?  After all, we are filling up this earth and destroying parts of it in the process.  Being green is a good thing, Martha!

Some of us are making our own cleaning products for our households.  That's being green.  We are taking shorter showers, installing water-saving devices on our plumbing, turning down the thermostats.  So, that ol' negative idea I had of "Greenies" needs to be recycled to a more realistic and up-to-date idea that we all should have a tinge of the green nowadays.

Now's the time to plant that garden we keep thinking about!  Or take part in a community garden, shop the local farmer's market for locally grown fruit and veggies.  Visit the food co-op in your area and get familiar with what they carry...buy local when we can.

Other simple things we can do as we begin this green journey are:
  1. take part in the city recycling program
  2. donate unwanted clothing and household goods to a thrift store or charity
  3. take fewer showers
  4. ride a bicycle or walk instead of driving when feasible
  5. give up the bottle water - use a safe drinking bottle and refill it as needed
  6. turn on dishwasher only when it is full
  7. decrease the number of laundry loads
  8. hang clothes on line to dry
  9. bring your own bags when you go shopping
  10. simplify your life, your home

See, it really is easy being green.  And, taking baby steps, we can all do better at saving our planet.  I'll keep posting ideas and tips that I find along my path to going green.  I hope you'll add your ideas in your comments.  Together we can do this!

What have you done today to green up your corner of the world?

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Huge Green Hugs,

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