Thursday, May 3, 2012

Judie's Miracle Weed Killer

Judie's Miracle Weed Killer
1 gallon white vinegar
1 cup table salt
1 Tablespoon dishwashing liquid

Pour into container or sprayer, mix well.
Spray generously on those pesky weeds.

I used this yesterday! I made a small amount, only because I don't have an empty sprayer handy.   I am hoping that by the end of today there will be evidence that the unwanted grass and weeds on our driveway are getting sick...very sick!

pesky grass (before)

 I know, I know...I should not post about untested products.  However, Judie has tested this and swears by it, so I am trusting that it will do its job and rid my driveway and walkway of this aggravating grass that defies commercial sprays!

Have you used a home remedy for your weeds?  Care to share?

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