Monday, May 7, 2012

Reusable Shopping Bags ~ Take the Pledge!

My "Going Green" journey is coming along.  I try to add at least one new idea weekly  to my growing list of Green to-do's.  I already take shorter showers.  I do laundry and dishes when I have full loads for the most part.  I use cloth napkins and only get out the paper plates when that is the only choice.  I make my own laundry and dish detergent.  I have the ingredients to make other homemade cleaners. 

And, yes, I use cloth bags when I grocery shop.  Except on days like today when I purposely put my bags on the back seat of the car and promptly forgot all about them when it came time to go into the store!  Sigh...I can be hopeless some days.  And, why, please someone tell me - do I NOT use those same bags when I shop at department stores??  That defies logic. there any hope for me?

Therefore...I am putting it down in black and white for all to see.  YES...I will make a conscious effort to ALWAYS use my reusable bags when I shop.  No matter where I shop.  No matter when I shop. Oh...and, produce bags, too.  I don't like those plastic OR the paper bags.  This should be easy.  I am asking you to hold me accountable. 

Will you take the pledge?  I am not comfortable doing this all by my lonesome.  Greenies love company, you know!  So, will you?

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Huge Green Hugs,

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