Thursday, June 21, 2012

Composting ~ Baby Step Two

What happened to Step One, you ask?  I am reading it..."The Idiot's Guide to Composting" by Chris McLaughlin.  Stay tuned for a review of the book and a giveaway thanks to the author and her publisher!

So, Step Two...a trip to Lowe's to shop for a vanity and we ended up with - no vanity, two rail barrels, one compost bin and one under-the-sink compost bucket!  Yikes!  What happened?  Okay, truth is, we planned to look at all these things, but we didn't exactly plan on purchasing it all.  Turns out the prices were acceptable and we were both in agreement, so now we have projects!

My project for this afternoon was to pop together the compost bin.  It was easy peasy and took no time at all.  That's terrific, since it is 100+ degrees here today! 

There it is...assembled and ready for "stuff" to be tossed inside.  That will wait until  this weekend.  Tomorrow a lady from WaterWise, a program offered by the University of Arizona South, is coming over to give us advice on water harvesting and composting.  We will glean every bit of information we can from her and then go forward.   I'll post on the water harvesting at a later time.

Do you compost?  What type of bin do you use? 

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