Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Green Living Journey...How To Take Baby Steps

This journey of "going green" is not as difficult as I first imagined.  By taking it a little step at-a-time it is doable.  It doesn't need to be overwhelming, which is what I expected.  A good start is to take time to think about how we use sustainable resources, like water, or dispose of our waste, and how we travel...walk, bike, drive.
And, don't leave out the food we eat and the clothes we wear!

Think about how our daily chores and decisions affect the world we are living in...
  • using cloth bags instead of paper or plastic at the store,
  • using less water...fix leaky faucets, take shorter showers, install a drip system to water plants, install low-flow toilets and shower heads,
  • combine errands, share rides, buy a more economical vehicle, ride a bike to work or school
Today we shopped at Walmart and wonder of wonders...I remembered to take my cloth bags in with me, and to ask the cashier to use them.  I was so tickled with myself! 

Do you use cloth bags when you shop?

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  1. Wonderful post! Sometimes we forget that it can be as simple as taking baby steps ... we make one small contribution ... and then another ... and before you know it, huge changes have occurred. Then, add them up with what everyone else is doing and wow ... we have an environmental movement! :-)

    I know that you didn't write this post specifically for Change The World Wednesday but ... I think it fits in so nicely so ... if you don't mind, I mention it in tomorrow's post! Hope to see you there!

  2. It's taken awhile but I almost never forget my cloth shopping bags now. I keep a small one [in its own case] in my purse, a few in the vehicle, & a few hanging at the back door so I always see them when going out.

    Our stores--especially grocery--here [Vancouver Isle, Canada] usually charge 3 cents for every plastic bag and/or deduct 3 cents for every cloth bag used for our purchases. It's a great incentive to remember those bags!

    I love your site & am excited to read past & future posts.

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