Sunday, June 3, 2012

Name Change ~ Game's The Same

Sometimes I wonder if I read toooooo much.  Maybe I am Obsessive/Compusive.  Maybe I am hungry for the printed word.  Maybe my mind wants to always be learning.  I tend to think it is the latter. 

Lately my reading has taken me to new places.  Books and articles on improving blogs and such have been on the headboard and the kindle, tempting me to devour them.  And, so I have.  Which leads me to....

name change for my blog!  Yes...just a slight one, but one that I hope will catch those elusive search engines and seekers of things green.  The new name is  Green Living Thrifty FrogWhy keep the Thrifty Frog part?  It has been our business name for a few years, I collect frogs, my nickname is "froglady."  To keep continuity and not make a total name change might be a better reason.  Not all blog names make sense.  The URL remains the same, but you may want to bookmark it again with the new name.

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Huge Green Hugs,


  1. You may want to note that the "order day" is Tuesday. :) And thanks for getting my basket! Don't forget your strawberries!

    1. Pandora - Thanks for bringing that up. According to the website you can "contribute" (order) from Noon Monday to 10 pm Tuesday for the following Saturday. Is that true for all or is Arizona different?
      Huge green hugs,


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