Sunday, July 1, 2012

Homemade Dog Shampoo ~ Easy Peasy and Chemical-Free!

Have you ever checked to see what dog shampoo is made of?  I haven't.   I can assume there are some chemicals and words I can't pronounce, though.  But, I do know what my homemade dog shampoo has in it...'cause I put it there.  It is safe and good for their coat, and easy to mix up!  So, why doesn't everyone make their own?
And, did I mention it is less expensive?  Yes, it is!

  The ingredients:
  •  One cup of gentle dish soap (regular ol' dish soap).  All natural is best if you have it.  I used Palmolive only because that is what we had on hand.  The dogs didn't seem to mind one bit.
  • One cup of apple cider vinegar.  Again, organic is best if it is already in your pantry.  I used regular apple cider vinegar - our green journey is still in the works around here...we haven't converted everything to the natural or organic brands.
  • One third of a cup of glycerin.  Our compounding pharmacy had it in stock.
  • One quart of water.  We have that right in our kitchen faucet!  (chuckle) 
  • A bottle to store it in.  I repurpossed a 2 liter soda bottle.

Mix all ingredients and pour in a bottle.  Shake it before using each time.  It lathers up real nice, and works like a charm.  Both of our dogs coats were shiny and soft after their bath!  I would have taken photos of them, but trying to hold them and wash them took three hands as it was.  Maybe another time...I'll assign a dedicated photographer to the scene!

Remember this:  Brush your dog makes the shampooing job that much easier.  Towel dry your dog after bathing...and just keep in mind that no matter how dry you think it is, it will, without fail, shake water all over you and the bathroom!  One of the joys of dog bathing!

Get out and go green!  It's fun, it's cheaper, it's helping our planet!

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Huge Green Hugs,

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