Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WasteLESS Wednesday ~ Organizing

Here are some marvelous ideas for organizing pantries and such..thanks to Pinterest!

Source: via Pat on Pinterest

Emergency preparedness

Turntables in the corners!


Neat & tidy!

To die for...

Have a wonderfully WasteLESS Wednesday! 

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Huge Green Hugs,


  1. Fabulous stuff. I particularly like the way the emergency things were organized. I'm in the middle of organizing right now, but haven't gotten to the kitchen yet, so this will be helpful.

    1. Inger - Don't you just love all the wonderful ideas that are shared on Pinterest? Let me know how you do when you get to the kitchen!
      Hugs, Pat

  2. I think i already have most of these pinned! love them. Wish I had them.

    1. Kristina - I'd love to have even one of these pantries. Mine stays organized for about two days and then it is all mixed up again! Haha!
      Hugs, Pat


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