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Whole Food Market Recipes ~ iPhone App


Whole Food Market Recipes is an iPhone app designed to give you all the recipes you need to live a healthy lifestyle. The app is 90% useful content, though about 10% of the app’s content pertains only to using Whole Foods stores.
On this app, you can:
  • Find recipes based on your diet
  • Find recipes based on meal type
  • Find recipes based on what you’re trying to cook
  • Find recipes based on what you have on hand
  • Easily construct shopping lists
  • Find Whole Foods stores near you
  • Bookmark your favorite recipes

Here’s how to use Whole Food Market Recipes.

Step 1: Searching for Recipes

The basic search functionality allows you to search by course, category of food and any special diet you’re on.

Just select the filters you want to apply. A scroll wheel with all your choices will appear.

If you want to search for a specific kind of food, you can also type that in beneath the filters.

Your search results will be displayed on the next page.

Note: The “G” and “W” tags show what diets the recipe is good for. The “W” for example stands for “Wheat Free” and the “G” stands for “Gluten Free.”

Step 2: Recipe Details

Once you select a recipe, you’ll be presented with all of that recipe’s details. You’ll start at the overview page, which will give you a succulent description of the food. It’ll also give you the nutritional breakdown.

Step 3: Ingredients

To access the ingredients tab, click the “Ingredients” button at the top.
Here you’ll be able to see everything you need to buy to cook the dish. You can also add recipe to your favorites, add it to your shopping list or share it with a friend.

Step 4: Cooking Method

For directions on how to cook the dish, click the “Method” button at the top.

You’ll be presented with detailed instructions on exactly how to prepare the dish.

Step 5: How Favorites Work

To add a dish to your favorites, click the “Add to Favorites” button on the ingredients page.

To access your favorites, click the “Favorites” button in the bottom navigation bar.

Step 6: How the Shopping List Works

To add all the ingredients you need to cook a dish to your shopping list, click the “Add to Shopping List” button.

Then navigate to the “List” button in the lower navigation bar to view your shopping list.

Take this list with you to the grocery store. Click the checkmark boxes on the left on the items that you’ve picked up. This feature makes buying the things you need to shop for the foods you want to cook a piece of cake.

Step 7: Search by What You Have on Hand

Want to cook something with just what you already have in your kitchen? Just use the “On Hand” feature.
Click the “On Hand” button at the bottom of the lower navigation bar. Then type in the ingredients you have.

Whole Foods Market Recipes will display all the items that you could cook up with what you have on hand. Just select the recipe from the results screen. The recipe details page works the same as the recipes detailed above.

Step 8: Using the Store Locator

To use the store locator, click the “Locations” button at the bottom. By default, the app will display all the Whole Foods stores near you on Google Maps.

To see a list of locations instead, along with addresses of each store, click the “List” button at the top.

You now know how to find recipes by ingredients, by meal type, by diet or by what you have in your kitchen. You know how to bookmark your favorite recipes and access them at anytime. You know how to build a shopping list. Finally, you know how to find any Whole Foods store near you. 
Now, get hopping...go shopping for that special meal that will be healthy for the entire family!  And, don't forget to have fun!

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