Sunday, October 21, 2012

Juicing ~ What Juicer Do I Need?

Juicer and produce...getting ready.
  Recently I posted about juicing - To Juice or Not To Juice - exploring the idea and facing my fears.  Since that post, my Sister Maggee emailed me with some tips and ideas and I have been continuing my research...starting with which juicer is the one for me. I actually had no idea Maggee had been juicing for the last 35 years.  Gee, do I feel silly.  I knew she was a vegetarian who concocted wonderful meals for many years...yep...I knew that much!  But juicing?  I may have a few brain cells missing at my age and just never connected the dots...or they somehow became unconnected in the last few years?  Turns out she is quite knowledgeable on the subject and I intend to pick her brain till she hollers "Uncle!"  I'll go into her suggestions in a future post. 
In progress...juicer to jar. 
In this post I want to talk a bit about the first step - deciding which juicer is the best fit for what I want to accomplish. I even know yet what I hope to accomplish by juicing?  No, of course not.  But, weight loss appeals to me, as does better health and more energy.  If I can achieve any or all of those I'd be happy.  So, did I know there are several types of juicers?  No, of course not.  I have now  learned that there are citrus juicers, centrifugal juicers, single gear and twin gear juicers, masticating juicers - and each works a little differently to extract the juice.
Citrus juicers are as the name implies, for juicing citrus fruits.  Centrifugal machines get the juice separated by spinning at high speeds.  This causes heat which can deplete some of the nutrients, but works quicker that others.  The single and twin gear juicers work at a slower speed, thus no heating and more saved nutrients and vitamins.  Masticating juicers gnash the produce.  They all vary widely in price, so determining which one suits ones needs best is crucial for those on a budget (like most of us).

Basic Green
After thinking about this awhile, I have come to the conclusion that price and health are my priorities, so I selected a Champion Home Juicer which is moderately priced and is a masticating type. I didn't know one brand from another, but Maggee has had this brand for years and it has served her well.  It had good testimonials and is very sturdily built.  (I get nothing for mentioning this, just wanted to let you know my selection.) 
Step One is should arrive by the end of the week.  Once it is out of the box and on my counter, I am sure I will be emailing my Sister with a gazillion questions!  It is a relief to have finally made a decision.  Now I can take the next step and discover the benefits of juicing - as well as the dangers.  You see, HB (HoneyBunny) is diabetic and if he chooses to juice, the recipe will need to be strictly suited to his dietary needs.  The sugar in most fruits and some veggies would cause his blood glucose to spike and we don't want that to happen!  More research!
I hope you will follow me on my juicing journey and offer advice and suggestions as I travel this road.  I am learning as I go...on the "juice" training you might say!

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Huge Green Hugs,Pat

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