Saturday, October 6, 2012

Remedy Children's Colds the Natural Way

The best cure for colds is prevention. Good nutrition and hand washing are key to preventing a cold, especially in children. But despite our best efforts, all kids will occasionally come down with a cold.  
Natural remedies are generally safer than allopathic remedies.  They are usually less expensive and easier to administer, too. Some of the more common ways to help ease your child’s colds are listed below. 
If your child has a fever, hold back the urge to bring down his temperature. Fever can help to limit the course of an illness. Generally after a “good fever”, kids get better quickly. Unless your child is listless and not responding to you naturally, he’s probably fine. It is better to assist his body’s natural attempts to heal. Encourage your child to rest and avoid overstimulation with too much TV or electronic media. Make some quiet time, read a story, play card games and just hold him as much as possible. Your chores and other things to wait. 
If your child has a sore throat, you can ease it with warm salt water gargles. Honey lemon tea is also effective. Just squeeze a little fresh lemon juice into a mug of warm/hot water along with a teaspoon of honey. Homemade chicken broth is one of those “cure-all” remedies and at the same time it keeps your child hydrated and nourished. 
It is not always good to give your child decongestants and antihistamines when he has a cold. These have been proven to have little effect on colds, and may even be harmful. 
I have never tried this, but I have read that using acupressure may ease the symptoms of a cold and your child may also enjoy it. Consult a guidebook on acupressure and follow suggestions for targeting the bladder, large intestine and lung pressure points. You may even want to check with your Pediatrician before attempting this.
Vitamin C, Echinacea and Goldenseal are all traditional remedies for colds. Give your child weight and age appropriate doses of these remedies short term to boost his body’s efforts to heal. Personally, I swear by Echinacea to get rid of a cold!  A couple of capsules twice a day for a couple of days usually sends it packing!  (Just my little testimonial.) 
If your child has trouble breathing, try a cool mist humidifier. Be sure to keep it scrupulously clean. 
Keep away from sugars as much as possible when your child is ill. The same holds true for junk foods. (The most difficult thing for me!)  Supporting his body with good nutrition is very important during this time. Good things to include are fresh vegetable juices, homemade soups and other easy to digest foods that provide hydration.

I hope this is helpful in keeping your kiddos happy and healthy!  Do you have your own natural remedies you'd like to share in your comments?  I think is is great when we can help each other!

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Huge Green Hugs,Pat

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