Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To Juice or Not To Juice?

The juicing craze is getting to me.  I am beginning to look at websites and facebook pages touting this and wondering if I can have before and after photos that look as good as theirs.  I am even looking at recipes and wondering if they will really, really taste as good as their promoter says they will.  I mean, it all looks good, but does green liquid actually taste tasty?  Or am I apt to gag at the first swallow attempt?

Fresh squeezed fruit juice is very good and healthy as well.  It is just that I am not sure about adding veggies that I have never eaten or even heard of to the mix.  The thought sort of frightens me.  Am I being silly?  Do juicing wimps eventually get over it and learn to enjoy the idea of fruits and veggies in liquid form?  Will I seriously be able to lose some weight and not want to eat everything in sight once I put the juice glass down?

I have friends who got into juicing a few months ago.  They lost weight and look great.  They look healthier and are certainly good role models for this idea.  I have wondered if I should talk to them about my fears and reservations.  You see, I love food...the kind you chew.  Can I be just a part-time juicer?  And, do I really need one of those fancy, schmancy expensive machines? 

Have you made your own juice drinks?  Do you have favorite recipes?  Did you begin with a 10-day juice fast?  Or start slowly?  Are you still juicing?  I need help!

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Huge Green Hugs,Pat


  1. I love fruit smoothies, but don't put vegetables in. In my opinion (picky tastebuds and all), most raw veggies add a bitter, astringent note that I don't like at all. However, if you don't tend to get enough veggies in your diet, juicing could be a good option. Larger proportions of fruit might make juiced vegetables more palatable!

    I love vegetables lightly cooked and crunchy rather than raw and juiced, so I stir-fry most of my veggies. I don't think it matters very much how you get your fruit, veg, and fiber in every day, as long as you do!

    1. Jennifer - Thanks for the quick comment! My sister also replied by email with some ideas for me. I believe I'll be doing another blog on this before long. It's that bitter taste I am concerned about, but you may be onto something with the more fruit idea.
      Huge green hugs,

  2. Interesting post.....
    I'm not juicing anymore, at least for awhile. I went on the Gerson diet a couple years ago (to cure a specific illness) and one drinks ten glasses (total) of carrot juice and green juice a day. I gained weight and now I can't lose it. My organs won't let go of a single once of fat. Always all kinds of problems.
    Manzanita from Wanna buy a duck


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