Sunday, March 22, 2015

Straw Bale Gardening - I Dig Planting!

Part 4 of my Straw Bale Gardening adventure...

I have reached the planting stage...finally.  It really wasn't that long ago that this idea struck me, to experiment with gardening on straw, but in my excitement it seems like months!  If you missed the first three installments, you can catch up here, here, and here!

A trip to the local garden center and I was ready!  I bought some plants and potting soil and headed home plan my garden.  I loaded up my little wagon and carried it all to the backyard...the adventure was about to get real!

Digging a hole in the tightly packed straw was a bit of a struggle, but I managed to make enough room to plant a cherry tomato plant, two yellow squash, four sweet peppers, three strawberries, and some marigolds.
There are several places online to learn about companion planting (which plants like to grow next to which other plants) and how to make those pesky pests go elsewhere by planting things they don't like.  So far, I am using marigolds and onions to discourage pests, and placing plants that like each other together.

As the outdoor gardening was happening, there was also some seed sowing going on indoors.  It was my first time planting seeds in tiny pots to give them an indoor start before moving them to the straw bales.  I seem to be doing something right, as I have tomato and pepper sprouts coming up.  Don't tell anyone, but I didn't want to spend a bunch of money to buy the proper equipment, so I put them in old cake pans under a neon light fixture - and...get this...on top of one of our heating pads. that you that I hear chuckling?  Isn't ingenuity a good thing?  As long as I don't start a house fire, that is!  You'll tell me if you smell something smokey, right?
As they say...Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a garden.  I'll post more once I have planted and sowed more veggies and flowers, and I'll be happy to tell you all about it!  Watch for more about my Straw Bale Gardening journey soon! 

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  1. Love it all,you are doing a great job on your straw bale gardening project

    1. Thank you, William! I just love seeing it all come together! Thank you for all you do to help us out!
      Huge green hugs,
      Pat M


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